Education & Training

BA (Hons) in Applied Languages

Translation with Interpreting (German/Spanish), Dublin City University, 1997.

Postgraduate Certificate in Translator Training for Teachers

Consortium for the Training Translation Teachers and the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, 2001.

Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Translation Usability

Dublin City University, 2004
Thesis title: “Textual Cognetics & the Role of Iconic Linkage in Software User Guides”.
This study investigated whether Iconic Linkage – the use of identical wording to present the same information recurring in a text – can improve the usability of user guides. Drawing on research literature in technical communication, cognitive psychology and human-computer interfaces, Iconic Linkage was presented as a writing strategy that potentially allows users to work more quickly and effectively and which promotes better retention of information. The usefulness of Iconic Linkage was tested in a laboratory-based usability study that combined (1) objective task-based evaluation and (2) users’ subjective evaluations of a software program used in recording parliamentary debates. A post-test survey designed to test subjects’ retention of information contained in the user guides was also administered. The study shows that Iconic Linkage significantly improved usability of the user guide: in all tasks, subjects worked more effectively and made fewer mistakes; while in the three timed tasks, subjects completed the tasks much more quickly. Subjects also gave higher ratings for the software and their retention of information was noticeably improved. The study concludes by discussing the implications and potential future applications of this research.

FETAC Train the Trainer (Distinction)

College of Management and IT, Ireland, 2011.

Diploma in Project Management (Distinction)

Griffith College Dublin, 2012.


Professional Memberships

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