Technical Writing

Picture of machine gearsTechnical writing and technical translation go hand in hand. To be a first rate technical translator you need to be a first rate technical writer. Having worked as a technical translator for over 15 years, I have developed a keen ability to explain complex scientific and technical concepts in clear, easy-to-understand prose.


Combine this expertise with my experience as a lecturer and instructional designer and you have a professional communicator who can analyse audiences and their needs to produce documents which provide the right information in the right format.


Beyond the traditional instruction manuals and help files typically associated with technical communication, I have designed, written, edited and translated technical reports, tender documents, training materials, technical case studies, academic papers, product specifications, catalogues, engineering documents and a whole host of other specialist texts.

My technical writing services include:

  • Planning, design and production of documents
  • Editing, revising and updating existing documents
  • Proofing documents produced by non-native speakers
  • Heuristic and empirical usability testing of documentation
  • Retasking of documentation for other purposes, e.g. training or marketing
  • Design and production of technical marketing materials
  • Development of PowerPoint presentations
  • Conducting research and interviewing subject matter experts
  • Website design, editing and SEO