Document with word "training" and "knowledge"With my expertise in the fields of translation, technical communication and computer technologies as well as the experience I have accumulated over many years in education as a lecturer and trainer I can provide customised training and learning resources to companies of all sizes.

Starting with a detailed training needs analysis, I can design, develop and deliver tailor-made training programmes on a variety of subjects. In order to verify that key learning objectives have been met, a range of student assessments can be designed for each course. All courses incorporate an evaluation mechanism for quality assurance purposes. This ensures standards are adhered to and ensures responsive and effective course development.

Working with subject matter experts from your company, I can design tailored courses on other topics specific to your needs. If there is a specific area you are interested in, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Customised training delivery: onsite or online

Whether you need short-term individual tuition for one or two students or longer-term training for larger groups I can provide onsite training or, depending on your needs and budget, develop an online course which allows students in different geographical locations to take part in the same course.

Online course delivery is made possible using a range of advanced learning and web technologies. Courses are hosted on a high-capacity, high-bandwidth server and are available 24 hours a day. Using my own Moodle online learning environment a range of resources, activities and communication channels are available for both online and face-to-face training. Typical resources include discussion forums, live chat, collaborative wikis, quizzes, online workshops and video tutorials to name a just few.

Online course can be designed to allow students to work at their own pace or they can be instructor-led. I would be happy to discuss the options available and advise you depending on your requirements.


Learning Technologies

Whether you opt for on-site or e-learning delivery methods, all training courses can be supplemented using a variety of technological resources which enhance the learning experience for students. The following are just some of the technologies I use.

Moodle logoMoodle is a leading open-source virtual learning environment used by universities and training organisations all over the world. It allows flexible and easy access for students to learning materials and provides various methods for communication and collaboration between students and trainers.
Camtasia logoCamtasia Studio is a suite of screen-recording tools used for creating, producing and distributing interactive multimedia presentations, tutorials and on-screen demonstrations. It is particularly useful for demonstrating software as it combines high-quality screen recordings with voice commentaries and screen annotations.
iPresent logoiPresent Presio is used to create, deliver and publish rich multimedia presentations for use in e-learning and training applications. It combines audio, video and PowerPoint slides to produce valuable and reusable learning resources.