Clay tabletI have been a professional technical translator since 1997 when I graduated from Dublin City University with an honours degree in German and Spanish translation. From my original specialisation in IT and software-related texts my expertise has broadened over the years to include science, technology, medicine, law, business and marketing.


  • German into English
  • Spanish into English


Specialist Translation Areas:

I have particular experience in the following areas:

Science and Technology Biology, physics, chemistry
Information Technology Software, hardware, networking and the Internet, enterprise resource systems, databases, API guides, user documentation and training materials
Instructional Design
Instructions for use, user guides, administrator guides, FAQS, training materials, e-learning courses, scripts for use in all subject areas
Engineering Electrical, mechanical, environmental (including biogas, renewable energy), chemicals, occupational health and safety
Medicine Medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical reports and journal papers
Legal Contracts, agreements, official documents and certificates
Commercial Publicity materials, marketing, press releases, case studies, corporate websites, business correspondance
Transport Automotive, railways, aviation


Translation Information purposes (or gist translation), publication purposes
Revision and Editing Updating and editing existing translations and texts, converting US English to UK English
Proof-reading Improving translations or adding polish to English documents written by non-native speakers
Localisation Adapt your software or website to make it appropriate for users in another languages, countries or locales
Cultural Consultancy Advice on the cultural suitability of texts, websites, software or any communication materials
Reviews and reports Expert reviews of translation quality and the provision of reports

Translation technologies

To help ensure the consistency and quality of translations I use a range of specialist translation software such as translation memory tools, terminology management databases and text processing software to ensure the quality and consistency of your translations.

File formats

You can send your texts for translation in a variety of formats including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Framemaker
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • HTML, XML or any other tagged format
  • Software resource files (.RC)