Translators to Face the Balka?

First published as:
Byrne, Jody (2003) Translators to Face the Balka? ITIA Bulletin, February 2003, The Irish Translators’ & Interpreters’ Association. p7

It seems that despite the 10-point plan outlined in the last issue to raise the profile of translators and interpreters we’re all doomed! Those clever eggs at HewlettPackard have come up with something that could conceivably see translation becoming a thing of the past, something to be looked back on fondly and studied in much the same way as scholars study Sanskrit. How you might ask? Well, what do you get if you cross English, Japanese and Esperanto? You get a hybrid, manufactured language called Computer Pidgin Language, CPL for short. Continue reading


International English: Making A Case for Efficient and Clear Communication

First published as: Byrne, Jody (1999) “International English: Making A Case for Efficient and Clear Communication”. ATA Chronicle, Vol. XXVIII, No. 10, October 1999, p.37-42: American Translators’ Association

This article examines the current climate for translation and the new and expanding market presented by globalization and the Internet. It discusses the need for a clear and concise form of English as a means of communicating information to both native and non-native speakers of English. It looks at areas where streamlined, “International English” is useful, and presents a number of ways of achieving this through style, grammar, and syntactic recommendations. Continue reading