jodybyrne(m) aspiring rock-star, translator and beard-owner from Ireland interested in technical translation, technical communication, e-learning, usability, composing soundtracks for imaginary films, horror films, death and folk metal, trip-hop, composers like Dvorak, Holst and Rodrigo. Working as a translator and instructional designer, he has been known to teach translation and other subjects at Dublin City University and the University of Sheffield.

This site contains various articles and papers to do with translation, communication and learning as well as some information about me. Feel free to look around the site, leave comments on any of my blog posts in Doc Byrne’s Miscellany or read some of my publications in the Academic Papers section. If you have any suggestions or comments or if you’d like to ask me anything, please get in touch.


Professional Member of the Irish Translators' & Interpreters' Association Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators logo