Scientific and Technical Translation Explained

A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Beginners

Jody Byrne, St. Jerome/Routledge

ISBN: 978-1-905763-36-8 (pbk), 230 pages

From microbiology to nuclear physics and chemistry to software engineering, scientific and technical translation is a complex activity that involves communicating specialised information on a variety of subjects across multiple languages. It requires expert linguistic knowledge and writing skills combined with the ability to research and understand complex concepts and present them to a range of different audiences. Using a combination of interdisciplinary research, real-world examples drawn from professional practise and numerous learning activities, Scientific and Technical Translation Explained equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to get started in this exciting and challenging field.

The book explores the importance of scientific and technical translation and the environment within which it takes place. This includes an examination of its origins, history and the people, tools and processes involved in translating scientific and technical texts. You will learn that effective scientific and technical translation depends on a deep understanding of the people for whom these texts are designed and written. Building on this, the book provides an overview of the main features of scientific and technical discourse as well as the different types of documents which are produced.

A series of detailed case studies highlighting various translation challenges is used to introduce a range of strategies for dealing with them. Next, the book introduces some general translation approaches before outlining specific scenarios which translators may encounter as well as ways of avoiding potential problems. A variety of resources and exercises are included in the book to make your learning effective and enjoyable. You can also find a range of additional resources and activities on Facebook.

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