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Helping Learners Figure it out for Themselves

I’ve been working a lot lately on creating e-learning lessons based on branching scenarios. Where branching scenarios differ from traditional lessons is that they are less linear and they put learners in specific situations where they have to make decisions and then see the results of those decisions play out. In cases where we’re trying to change attitudes, approaches or develop learners’ skills (as opposed to just knowledge), branching scenarios help us move towards an interactive model where learners make the same types of decisions they’d make in a real-world environment.

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The techcomm robots are coming… let’s throw a party!

Last November, I gave a keynote speech at the Voice of Customer Colloquium at the University of Aveiro, in Portugal. I spoke about the potential for massive disruption in technical communication as a result of new technologies. With technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation, and chat-bots all threatening to do our jobs more quickly, more cheaply, and more effectively, why wouldn’t technical communicators be fearful about what the future holds?

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